Pollution Diaries

Pollution Diaries is a collaborative project of the students of the Czech Department of the University of Delhi, an online platform for sharing experience from life in one of the most polluted cities in the world.


When I was passing this street, I clearly saw the dust particles in its light. People who live there told me they cough very often and black dirt comes out whenever they blow their noses.
Man Mohan, Mehrauli, 1. 11. 2019

I was in Kalindi Kunj for festival, we have to go near the Yamuna river. There was a lot of foam floating in water. People said that there is usually foam created by chemicals in the river when water is released from a dam.
Pryianshi Gupta, Kalindi Kunj, 3. 11. 2019
The situation is becoming unmanageable. Wind is bringing a massive blanket of smog, reports say that the rapid increasement of pollution happened because farmers are burning stubbles in neighbouring states. I saw children coughing and the number of patients in hospitals is raising as well.
Sumanshu Rao, Badli Railway metro station, 2. 11. 2019
Today, a man with the smoke machine came to repel mosquitoes and other insects. It works, but it is very difficult to breathe due to the smoke.
Pryianshi Gupta, Moujpur, 1. 11. 2019
It is a week since I have seen the sky. There is a constant itching in my throat. Landscape horizon disappeared due to smog blurring all sharp edges like da Vinci’s sfumato. I can recall one Diwali in my childhood 20 years ago. I also fired crackers after ‘Laxmi puja’ . It burnt me few times, yeah. As I grew up I stopped doing that since I understood its environmental impact. Unfortunately, the majority of Indian population has not. Burning crackers is a symbol of a social status.
Gaurav Thakur, 1. 11. 2019
Earlier, we used to sit in the campus park, but it is impossible now. People like me, who are allergic to dust, face a lot of discomfort. My eyes became extremely itchy.
Abishek Stephen, University of Delhi, North Campus, 31. 19. 2019
Another day and another toxic photo. Poor visibility, bad air. Gas chamber.
Sumanshu Rao, Badli Railway metro station, 31. 10. 2019
Pollution mask. Let’s see if it can help against the toxic air in the city. Even the Delhi government is providing breathing masks for free, they are going to distribute around 50 lakhs of them to students in public and private schools from the 1st of November.
Sumanshu Rao, Siraspur, 31. 10. 2019
Right now, at Kashmiri metro station it is so dusty that everything became blurry and I feel suffocated.
Pryianshi Gupta, Kashmiri Gate metro station, 31. 10. 2019
Post Diwali photo. Air pollution irritates my eyes and causes breathing problems. The visibility is poor. Delhi turned into a gas chamber. Firecrackers were banned but people still find a way to buy them. I think there were not as many firecrackers burnt as one year ago but the quality of air is still terrible.
Sumanshu Rao, Badli metro station, 30. 10. 2010
People burn the trash in a public place near my house. After a while I feel very bad smell and start to have breathing problems caused by the clouds of black smoke.
Vishal Sen, Burari, Sant Nagar, 14. 1. 2019
I was travelling from Uttarakhand back to Delhi. There are plenty of sugar mills on the way, this is one of them. The smoke coming constantly out of mills makes breathing difficult and smells very bad.
Pryianshi Gupta, railway Uttarakhand – Delhi, 8. 9. 2019
I am happy to see a clear sky. I’ve never noticed that Delhi can be so beautiful when there is not so much smog in the air.
Sumanshu Rao, Siraspur, 26. 9. 2019
Today, the air was clear and the visibility was also good, but it was very hot, which is unusual in the last week of September. We have never experienced such weather, I got the flue.
Sumanshu Rao, Siraspur, 25. 9. 2019
Buses in Delhi are fully crowded everyday. Being pushed by sweating people is upsetting.
Bhupendra Kumar, Gokal Puri, 17. 9. 2019
It is annoying to have to clean my glasses every few minutes. You can’t see the dust with the naked eye, but it is there everytime. To see through the dust – a superhuman skill.
Sumanshu Rao, Siraspur, 20. 9. 2019
Today evening, there was a dust storm when I was going home. Dust irritated my throat and eyes.
Bhupendra Kumar, Gokal Puri, 25. 9. 2019
saw sparrows today after a long time. They were drinking water and eating. Some of them flew away as I tried to take a picture. There were so many of them. I miss their chirping.
Sumanshu Rao, Badli Railway Station, 1. 10. 2019
There is this 62 meters high mountain of garbage on my way home. Whenever a wind blows, it spreads an awful smell.
Param Dharam Singh, Bhalswa landfill, 2. 10. 2019
This gentleman comes on his bicycle to sell lemons, ginger, garlic, coriander and mint. My family always offers him water, since he is totally exhausted because of heat.
Sumanshu Rao, Siraspur, 4. 8. 2019
I heard the customer asking this pineapple seller why he doesn’t come to their locality anymore. He told him he is too old to bear the heat.
Sumanshu Rao, Paharganj, 4.8. 2019
Dust particles damaged my computer several times. I used to cover my desktop but dust found its way to the motherboard. And the first words I hear everyday are: it’s not a good morning, it’s dusty.
Sumanshu Rao, Siraspur, 22. 6. 2019
I saved this bird from ditch. In 90’s, a lot of bird species lived in Delhi, but because of pollution they have disappeard from the city.
Bhupendra Kumar, Gokal Puri, 23. 6. 2019
I need to clean my plants daily because they collect a lot of dust on their leaves.
Bhupendra Kumar, Gokalpuri, Delhi, 12. 6. 2019
There is a vast barren land opposite my home. When it’s too hot, we have to splash the road with water every few hours, otherwise we feel like being roasted on burning coal.
Pragya Singh, Burari, Delhi, 14. 6. 2019
Last week, I got heatstroke because the fast change of temperature. The difference in the temperature of an air conditioned room and afternoon Delhi streets was 22 degrees Celsius. It took 2 days to recover.
Gaurav Thakur, Ghaziabad, Delhi, 6. 6. 2019
This street dog is trying to find a cold place to lie down and rest in current heat wave. I fill his bowl with water and feed him everyday, but he seems to be exhausted all the time, he doesn’t eat and play like few months ago.
Sumanshu Rao, Delhi, June 2019
People burn the garbage here and when they do it, I am choking. It is disturbing to see animals eating plastic bags in search for food.
Pragya Singh, Burari, Delhi, May 2019
Water is very dirty. During the bath my skin was itching. There is a lot of broken statues of Hindu godesses in the river.
Vishal Sen, Yamuna river, Delhi, May 2019