Den bez přestávky / A Day Without Break

Architectural intervention,  2014-15. Iron construction, translucent paper, wrapping paper, light tube, daylight, digital animation of 24-hour time-lapse of light changes.  GASK Kutná Hora. Curated by Adriana Primusová.

The site-conditioned installation for ambient light A day without break connects the artificial light of a basement under a former Baroque spa with natural window light by means of a shaft of translucent paper, which blends the qualities of artificial and natural light, and the dynamic of daylight is made visible. In addition to the moment-to-moment changes in room light, the installation confronts the viewer with a sense of the intangibility of a wider cycle of changes in light during a period of time by means of a time-lapse recording.

photo record of 24-hours of light changes