Minulý týden jsem byl barokní oltář / Last Week I Was A Baroque Altar

Site conditioned installation. 24 prints, 87 x 110 cm. Gallery Projektplus, Railway station Holešovice, Prague 2013.

The exhibition situated at the former location of the public timetables at the train station Praha-Holešovice transforms the experience of Czech lessons for foreigners into a non-linear text installation. Pairs of rollers serving as timetables are placed in boxes. Each turning cylinder has phrases printed around them that can be freely connected between two rollers, both horizontally and diagonally. Each connection of any two phrases results in a grammatical Czech sentence. Because reading between the cylinders is not linear, it is possible to connect any phrase from one roller with any phrase in the second roller in the same box. All sentences thus created are grammatically correct, but the substance of meaning usually fits only one case. Other connections create poetic meta-texts with unexpected meanings. Each pair of rollers is devoted to a single grammatical structure, case or tense. Students of the Czech language can examine the Czech declensional system with the help of the installation, and native speakers can read it as an experimental text.


pair of prints devoted to nominative